How To Get Year In A Review?

There are plenty of reasons to use Instagram. We use it to talk about image issues, announce happy news. We use it to post selfies. All to these reasons and more garner likes upon likes, and you may have wondered in the past exactly which of your post were the most popular. That’s why they have a generator that allows you to see which of your Instagram posts your friends, family, and online fans liked the most. Read further below to learn how to get year in a review (best nine) for Instagram.

The year has almost reached its end. We’re in the final stretch and countdown has begun to the new year. But before you sign off for the year Instagram has something special to help you finish off your social calendar with a little bang! Instagram has released their “Year In Review”, and they have a way to review out year with our best nine of the year.

You’ve likely seen other people in your internet feeds posting composites of nine photos and using the hashtags #bestning, #2017bestnine, or some other similar phrase. No matter how often or rarely you posted over the past year, the 2017 best nine generators can figure out which of your posts were the most popular.

Steps on how to get Year in a Review are as follows:

Well, it’s pretty simple.

  1. First, you have to go to the particular website which will help you to generate your best nine photo.
  2. For generating sites there’s some sites that helps you to generate your best nine photos, some of them are:
    • TOP NINE
  3. You’ll see a search bar that prompts you to plug in an Instagram ID. Then all you have to do is press “GET” and wait for your best nine to show up.Also Read: How to Edit Instagram Profile
  4. When users plug in their Instagram username, they’ll see a notice that says the site is generating the collage. They should note “it takes like 10 minutes to complete your request due to huge demand.

    How To Get Year In A Review?

    Instagram Year In Review

  5. Your request is already on our queue, so please come back later.” However, the creation of the Instagram Best 9 review doesn’t always take up to 10 minutes. After the collage is created, the site displays it on the screen.
  6. There are two options for the generated Instagram Best 9 photo, an “original version” and a “Photo only” option.
  7. The original version shows users the collage and on the bottom it has the person’s username, number of posts that were upload to Instagram in 2017 and how many likes were received this year.
  8. The photo only version takes off all the extra information on the bottom of the collage. Users can pick which version they want or can save both as JPEG through the regular “Save Image as” process.

How To Use Instagram And Messenger In Your Desktop or PC

Instagram and Messenger are today’s top social networking software’s. These social media are used in all over the world, and its users has continually increased till time. Till the date, these app/software has been used and mostly popular for mobile. But most of them don’t know that, it can be used in desktop and in your PC’s too. Here are few steps on how to use Instagram and Messenger in your desktop or PC.

People want to know how to use Instagram and Messenger on a computer so they can upload photos to the social media app from their PC or Mac.

A lot of people enjoy Instagram and messenger so much that they really want to be able to use a full-featured version on their laptops or desktop computers.

Talking about different ways, steps on how to use Instagram and Messenger in your Desktop or PC are given separately below:

  1. For Instagram:

    • These apps can be used in desktop by installing them through Microsoft store.
    • These can also be installed by installing emulator that helps us to use Instagram.
    • Different emulator to install Instagram are,
    • BlueStacks
    • Gramblr
    • Nox APP Player
    • YouWave
    • And also you can use these by the online sites.

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  1. For Messenger:

    • You can use these apps in desktop and in your pc by installing them through Microsoft store.
    • These can also be installed by installing emulator that helps us to use Instagram.
    • Different emulator to install Instagram are,
    • BlueStacks
    • Gramblr
    • Nox APP Player
    • YouWave
    • And also you can use these by the online sites.
  1. For BlueStack (Used for both Instagram and Messenger):

    • The first thing you need to do is download BlueStacks and install it on your desktop. BlueStacks is basically an Android emulator.
      How To Use Instagram And Messenger In Your Desktop or PC
    • Click “Next” on the first agreement screen.
    • Then select the program where you want your data to be stored. Then you can choose the default option and click “Next.”
    • Leave both the “App store access” and “Application Communications” selected for you will need this for Instagram and Messenger to work. And click “Install.”
    • Click on the “Android” tab, search for “Instagram” or “Messenger” and click on the app icon you want.
    • Next then click to “Existing” for add your Google account and then sign in. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create a new one. This step is important because it is emulating an android app from the Google app store.
    • Next then click “Continue” for the setup BlueStacks account part.
    • You can then use your existing Gmail address for your BlueStacks account and click “OK.”
    • Then click on “Install” to install the Instagram or Messenger application. And click on “Open.”

Hence, these are a few ways on how to use Instagram and Messenger in your desktop or PC. Following these ways, you will not require the mobile phone to use Instagram and Messenger.                     

How to Repost Old Story on Instagram

Social media feeds have always been busy including various photos, videos ,text from friends and brand updates you follow. Instagram also fascinates us by letting us post stories and various posts  at a time. It lets the user’s interaction with various brand posts and updates more easily compared to that of Facebook and Twitter. You will learn how to repost old story on Instagram from the steps that follows.

Instagram stories are simple yet interesting feature that allows users to create a sequence of photos and videos. These stories disappear 24 hours after being posted. The motive of this stories is to provide an engaging and interesting content to the followers. Instagram is the tremendous way to stay connected with the celebrities lifestyles, brand updates around the world. One can directly message on the stories they want to ping. These days the Instagram stories can be even posted on the Facebook directly.

Steps to Repost Old Story

Story posting has been basic for Instagram users these days to stay connected with the followers around the world. Sometimes the user may want to post the old story again. However re-posting an old story on Instagram requires  some basic steps which are as follows:

  • One should go on their Instagram profile firstly by clicking the home icon.
  • You can see clock icon on the right top side of the profile of the users on their profile page.
  • The stories that has been set before can be loaded as stories archive on the page where you can see the list of stories posted previously before.
  • The user can then choose the story of their choice and re-post the same story again by selecting the photo or video they want to share again.
  • You can finally re-post same story.

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Another way of republishing the stories is keeping the highlights of stories user want to re-post. Highlights are basically a story that doesn’t expire after 24 hours. This feature puts stories permanently right there on your profile until you manually delete them. Highlights are collections of your past stories that show up in a new horizontal bar across the top of your profile. Hence, these are the steps on how to repost old story on Instagram.