Add link to Instagram story through swipe up feature

Instagram is the online social media which was originally made for the mobile apps. Instagram is now available in website as well but with less feature and function. Mobile apps get updated time to time and go on adding features and function. One of the function people are aware about Instagram Story is the “Swipe Up” function with the link. These Swipe up feature is very useful when you need to share some links.

Note: The Swipe up feature is only available for the verified accounts and business accounts. The verified accounts has the blue tick mark and the business account should have more than 10k followers. You can get verified with some request.

To Add link to Instagram story through swipe up feature from your mobile app, you can follow these following steps if your account is business or verified:

  1. First you need to open the Instagram account. The Instagram account has the rainbow color camera lens icon. You just need to search and tap on it to open. After you open the app the home screen, you will see your profile photo at top left corner with a ‘+’ icon.
  2. You can tap on that or swipe left to right to open the camera where you can click the photo or choose the photo that had been saved for less than 24hours. After that, if you want to choose the photo from the gallery or click right now you can do any. After you got the photo in the screen, you will see some icon and buttons.
  3. On the top of the screen, you will see a link icon that looks like a chain. You should tap on that and a screen will appear where you can add the link. You can type the link or paste it if you have copied. After adding the link, you need to tap on the “Done” button at top of the screen.
  4. Then you will go back to the photo you captured. There you need to tap on the right arrow ‘’ icon. On the bottom of the screen the will take you to next step. There you need to select the “add to story” option. Or you can directly select the ‘+’ icon from the previous screen which will directly add your story.
    Add link to Instagram story through swipe up feature

After that, you will complete uploading your story with the link. To check the link, you can open your story and there you will see “See more” button which you just need to Swipe up to directly enter to the link. The thing you will see on your story is same that your followers see.

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