How to Add Music to Instagram Picture and Video

How to Add Music to Instagram Picture and Video

Instagram an app where you can create an account and post photo and videos, follow others and get followed back. This app is fun to use that many of people are active on it. While you upload photos or multiple photos or even videos, it will be boring if you post it naturally. For this to add some life in picture and music to your videos there are third-party apps to do it so. For that you will need download some apps first and should know how to use. Now you can Add Music to Instagram Picture and Video.

To download the app and use it on your account to add Music to Instagram Picture and Video, you can follow these steps:

  1. First open your Android phone and open the Google Play Store in it. The Google Play Store has the play button icon in greenish color. When you reach the Google Play Store, you will see the search tab in the upper screen. There you need to tap and type the “Flipgram” on it and search.
  2. Flipgram is the app that most people downloaded and also chose by many of Instagram users. You see the Flipgram app, you need to tap to see the “Install” button.
  3. As you tap on the “Install” button the download will start and it will finish installing in very short time depending upon your internet speed. As the installation finishes, you need to open the app.
    Add Music to Instagram Picture and Video
  4. Opening the app for the first time can take you time. You need to calm and wait. As you completely open the app, you will see some photos and post that are suggested for you.
  5. For now, you need to look at the top right corner of the screen where you can get the “Log In” button. Tap on it and see from which account you can sign in. either you can continue with Facebook or Google. You just need to be sure with your account to use.
  6. As you login with any one account, you will again see the photos and videos in the screen. But you will also see some button and icons in the bottom of the page. You just need to tap on the plus ‘+’ icon at middle in bottom of the screen.
  7. Then you will need to allow the camera and other stuffs for your mobile. Then your camera will be used. It is very much same like Instagram. You can click photos or record videos directly or just choose from the “Library”.
  8. To choose from the library you need to tap on the Library text at bottom of the screen. After that the photos from your mobile phone will be shown. There you need to choose a particular photo or multiple photos.
  9. After choosing, tap on the next button in top right corner. Then the preview will be sown where you can add music. Not only photos but also the video has the same steps and the music choosing section is same.
  10. Tap on the “Music” with icon tab. then a tab will pop out where you can search for the perfect music for your post. To choose you can listen the music first. After your decision, you need to tap on the “Use” button that will be shown beside the music.
  11. After that, the download will start and it will take only some time only. There you need to edit the music to match your post. And after finishing with that, you need to tap on the tick icon. And then to the preview page, you need to tap on the “next” button again.
  12. There you will get your “Post” button at next step. You can add tags title or tag friends with ‘@’. After some seconds the upload will finish. And after the upload will finish, you need to enter the Profile screen from the navigation bar at bottom of the screen.
  13. In the profile section, you will see your post and then a share button with it. There you can tap on the Instagram logo to share on Instagram. And a screen where you can crop or not crop and add the username or not.
  14. After that, you need to tap on the “Next” button. And the post will render some time and then directly opens the Instagram posting process. From there the posting process is same of Instagram because it is the Instagram now.

After all, you will see that post in your Instagram account as well and your Instagram followers will able to see it. You can know that there are others app as well. Some are: Pixgram, Audio to Video, and many others as well. Every app works same that’s why you can use any.

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