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What is The Explore Page on Instagram?

What is the explore page on Instagram? | Explore Page on Instagram Update

Instagram is the photo and video sharing social networking site and app which was created by the Kevin Systorm and Mike Krieger in 2010 which was later owned by the Facebook in 2012 due to its high active users. Instagram is all about uploading photos and videos which can be edited using different filters. It can be organized with tags and information about a location. Later on Instagram added the features of Instagram stories and direct messaging in their interface. Explore page is one of the tabs inside the Instagram.

Detail Information on “What is the explore page on Instagram?”:

Even though the Instagram was created in 2010 the explore tab was created in 2012. Explore page is like interacting with the targeted consumer face to face about your business and your prospects. Explore page creates the real-time content according to your particular interest. It was mainly designed to help people and businesses to gain more exposure and attention in the Instagram so that their business can grow faster and bigger. It is a greater deal for business because when your followers liked your posts then it can be shown to their followers and your business will be grown exponentially.

Explore Page on InstagramExplore Page on Instagram

Instagram had added “Videos you might like” in 2016 to boost the viral videos of our own interests. Instagram keep updating its features and now they have brought the Events video channel in August 2016 which contains videos from concerts, sports, beauty etc. Instagram also brought Instagram live to show the best live videos currently streaming in the world. It also started to promote the stories to the public place. Some of the photos get more likes even though they have fewer followers which is because of the explore tab. We can watch the videos and photos of our interest using tags and we can search the Instagram id of our favorite artists in it. Explore page had become the biggest helping factor to grow the community of the people who share common interests. The name “explore page” suggests it all explore the different accounts around the world which shares different photos and videos on different things.

Hence, these are all about the Explore Page on Instagram.

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How To Reset Instagram Explore Page?

How to reset Instagram explore page? | Instagram Explore Feed

The Instagram Explore page is a crazy feature of Instagram, it helps the people and businesses gain more exposure on Instagram with little effort. The Instagram Explore page is different for every single user, and it’s made up of both posts you’ve liked and posts liked by people whose photos and videos you’ve liked. When using Instagram, you can search for people, videos, and some topics; however, your search actions are stored inside the app. If you don’t want Instagram to retain your recent searches, you can clear the search history from within the app. You cannot clear your history from a computer.

How to reset Instagram Explore Page? You can follow these steps to reset explore page in Instagram:

Reset Instagram Explore Page

  1. Click the Instagram app to open it. You’ll want to find the toolbar, which is located at the bottom of the screen.
    Reset Instagram Explore Page
  2. Click the “Profile” button in the bottom right corner. This takes you to your profile page, from which you can access your settings.
    Reset Instagram Explore Page
  3. Then click on three line dots which is located at the top of the screen.
    Reset Instagram Explore Page
  4. Click the gear icon in the bottom of the middle, after that Scroll to the bottom of the page then tap the “Search History” option. This will prompt a confirmation window.
    Reset Instagram Explore Page
  5. Click “Yes, I’m sure” when prompted. Your history will be cleared immediately.
  6. Tap the magnifying glass icon and then the “Search” bar to confirm your changes.If you see nothing in the “Top”/”Recent” tab, you’ve successfully cleared your search history.

Hence, in this way, you can reset your Instagram explore page account.

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