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How to view someone’s private Instagram photos

We all know that Instagram is a social website where we can share our photos and check out to others profile photos. The users can make their account social to let other people see their profile and they can also make it private to make their account private and not letting other people see their profile and only limited people which you like them to see your profile. You can follow the steps below on how to view someone’s private Instagram photos.

Most of the people make their account social to let other people know what they are being doing and to let the world know about their lifestyle and their work, where other people make their account private to keep some secrete about their life and to hide against the world.

Steps to View Someone’s Private Instagram Photos

There are many ways where we can view someone’s private Instagram photos,

  1. Asking the person directly to accept the request.

One of the easiest and free way to view private Instagram profiles is by asking the person directly. The basic steps to reach out a person are:

  • If you are eager to see someone’s profile in Instagram and want to follow them then the best way is to send a follower request.
  • You can also send a private message to express your inner feeling about them.
  • And make sure that your profile is attractive and impressive so the person finds no ways to reject your following request.
  • Be genuine and real so that the person feels right about you.
  1. Create a fake ID to make them accept your request.

If you intend to view someone’s private Instagram, then creating a fake account and id can be a good alternative way. Though it is against the ethics and manners but it can be a way.

  • Creating a fake Instagram profile, making a girl’s photo in display. If you want to look at a female private Instagram account, then the best way is to create a fake Instagram account of a girl. Male account can be easily notified because most male don’t keep their account into private setting.
  • Try to make the account real by adding the real photo of the girl.
  • You can also keep your account to private setting to make them curious about your profile and approve your request.
  • You can also send a private message with a genuine word as a female account holder.

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  1. Trying Instagram profile viewer tools.

This option to view private Instagram profile photos without following and by risky way is to try Instagram profile viewer tools. There are many number of online tools where you can view private Instagram accounts easily. But most it says it has to take risk by your own. Most of the websites are being scam and can hack your personal information in a bad manner. These tools can be used to view the hidden pictures of the restricted accounts.

  • We can go to online Instagram profile viewer apps.
  • When you visit the site, you’ll be asked to put your Instagram username. After that, select whether you want to download the pictures or view now.
  • This step is bit risky and it may need few of your personal information. But, I would say not to give any sort of data to these sites.
  • Then you’ll be directed to the private account where you can download the content of view it online.
  • These specific sites or apps can never be downloaded. Every time you have to go online through your preferred browser to view pictures and photos of Instagram.

How To Download Video From Instagram

Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile. Other users who follow you will see your posts in their own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users whom you choose to follow. Learn how to download video from Instagram from subtopics below.

How to download video from Instagram (mobile, pc):

How To Download Video From Instagram

Image: jantakareporter

You might have known how to save Instagram photos on computer, iPhone or iPad, but do you know how to save Instagram videos to computer? This article will show you a simple and free way to download Instagram videos to your Mac or Windows Pc. We have 3 methods for PCs:

  1. Save Instagram Videos to Computer via Source Code
  2. Download Videos from Instagram to Computers by Video Downloader
  3. Download Instagram videos online

Method 1. Save Instagram Videos to Computer via Source Code:

You can check the source code of the Instagram video page and extract the download link to download the videos from Instagram onto your computer.

  • Open the Instagram video that you want to save, then right-click on it and select “Inspect element” (or “View page source” depending on your browser).
  • Press “Ctrl” + “F” keys on keyboard to open Find feature, and enter “.mp4” into the blank. Then the search will open a section of code.
  • Then copy the link next to “src=” and the link ends with “.mp4”, and paste the download link to a new tab. The video will start to play.
  • Now you can right-click on the video and select “Save video as…” option to download the video on your computer right now.

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Method 2. Download Videos from Instagram to Computers by Video Downloader:

  • Open the Chrome web browser on your computer, then click “Instag Downloader” here for downloading the free Instagram Video Downloader on your Mac or Windows PC. This extension will help you download videos and photos from Instagram.
  • Then click “Add to Chrome” button on the right top of window, and wait for a while to complete the installation process.
  • Now please go to Instagram web and open any video or photo you want to save. Then locate your mouse cursor on the right top of corner of video or photo, which will reveal option icons: View, Share Link and Download.
  • To download videos, please click on the Download icon to save it on your computer immediately.

Method 3. Download Instagram videos online

 Instagram videos also can be downloaded online. Some of the websites are:


Apps to download videos from Instagram in mobile:

  1. IFTTT
  2. Postgraber
  3. Dredown
  4. Regrammer
  5. OG Instagram
  6. Gramblast