How to Change Fonts on Instagram Bio and Instagram Stories

How to Change Fonts on Instagram Bio and Instagram Stories

Are you bored of using the same fonts in your stories and bio? Do you want to change things up a bit?Change Fonts on Instagram Bio and Instagram Stories for cool new experience.

Well by following the steps listed below, you can easily use any font you want from simple to stylish and many more. For stories, the latest update of Instagram has some options for fonts that you can choose from. You use the built-in Instagram fonts you simply have to click a story first. Then you can click on anywhere on the screen or click on the letter “A” on the top right of the screen. Then a text area will appear will a number of fonts just below it. However, if you don’t like any of those fonts then you can use from many other fonts for your stories as well as.

To Change Fonts on Instagram Bio and Instagram Stories, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, open any web browser on your device and then enter the link on the top bar, or click Font-Generator.
    How to Change Fonts on Instagram Bio and Instagram Stories
  2. Here you will find as many fonts as you want. In the bar on the top, you can write the phrase you want to keep in your bio or story.
  3. Now, you can scroll down to see the phrase in all the fonts available. Just below the box where you wrote the phrase, you will see a number of tabs. By clicking the tab, you will find many other fonts as well according to the word written on the tab.
  4. You can also customize any of the fonts by clicking on the pencil icon on the side. While customizing, you can change the color of the text, size of the text and background of the text as well.
  5. After you are satisfied with the font you can copy the phrase and paste it into your story or bio.

You can also find many other websites that can change a text into any font you want. If you don’t like the font from the above website then you can search for more similar kinds of websites in Google as well.Also if you wan to get more followers on instagram check this link.

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