How to Create Instagram Page

How to Create Instagram Page

Instagram is online photo sharing app and site. It can be used as mobile phone apps, browser, and computer browser and computer desktop app. Here anyone can make a free page to use Instagram and upload photos and videos. It can be signed up in two ways: Email or Facebook page.The steps to Create Instagram Page are mentioned below.

Create Instagram Page

The following are the steps to Create Instagram Page from your Facebook page which is mentioned below:

  1. First open your browser, and open any search engine that you are familiar with. You can also open google because it is the most popular search engine. You can open google by following this In google, you can search for the Instagram page.
  2. In google, you will get to many results which can make you confuse. So, to make it easy for you, you can follow this The page open from the link is the sign up and sign in page. There you will get some spaces where you need to fill it for signing up with an email address.
  3. So, you need to click on the “Log in with Facebook” button above the blanks. Now you will get a pop out tab where you can get two blanks to fill it with your email or phone number that you use for signing in the Facebook page.
  4. After that, you need to write your Facebook account password. After entering all the required information in respective blank, you need to click on the “Log In” button. This logging process is for the Facebook page where you need to sign up for the Instagram with this page.
  5. Then you need to allow to login with your Facebook page. First the username of the Instagram will be same with the Facebook page. You can change it later on. Then you need to follow some procedures to complete the signing up.
  6. You will get to follow the friends from Facebook who are active on Instagram already. You can invite as well. This will connect your Facebook and Instagram page.

Watch Video tutorial on “Instagram Sign Up Via PC | Create Instagram Account From Desktop”:

In case, you don’t want any Facebook data in the Instagram page then you can follow these steps to Create Instagram page from an email address:

  1. Follow the first two steps from above points. There in the blanks, you need to enter your Email address in the first blank and then need to enter the full name in the second blank.
  2. The third blank is to enter a username where you need to create it which should be unique. Because others will able to find and tag with this username. After that, you need to create password in the last blank. Password should be strong.
  3. After filling the data with respective answers, you need to click on the “Sign up” button. After that, you will open a page where it will ask you to upload a profile picture. Profile picture will be cropped in circle so it is recommend foe you to upload a profile photo that you are in the middle.
  4. In the same page, you will also get to follow some pages. Many of the pages may be of those people whom you know well or is a celebrity. It is recommended for you to follow those pages you know well or want to know about them.
  5. Then it may ask you to verify your page. So, you need to check your inbox in the email address. You will get a mail to verify with a confirmation button. You just need to click on the button to verify.

After that you will be signed up with your email as well. You can use your page from computer browser but you will get few features. It best to use Instagram mobile app. you should remember to sign out of the device as soon as you finish using it.

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