How to Disable and Delete Instagram Comments on your Post

How to Delete and Disable Comments on your Instagram Post

Instagram is very popular social site where a user can upload photos and videos. There a user can follow other users and like and comment their posts. When there is a post where you think doesn’t need any comment but also you are getting comment then you can delete the comment and disable the commenting for particular post.Here is how you can Delete Instagram Comments.

To Delete Instagram Comments that you have received in a Post then you can follow these steps:

  1. First unlock your mobile device and open the Instagram app on it. The Instagram app has the pinkish color of camera lens icon. You just need to find and tap on that icon to open the app.
  2. As you open the app, open that post having the comment that actually you want to delete. To check that comment, go for the notification or profile and open the exact post.
  3. As you see the comment, you need to long press on that section and then the comment will be highlight and then you will see the Bin icon at top right corner of the screen. You shall tap on that bin icon to delete that comment.
    Delete Instagram Comments
  4. When you delete some comment, it will not ask to confirm but you will get the chance to “Undo” the step and get back the comment. You can delete your comment and other commenting on your post.

Deleting was easy but if you need to delete the comments time to time in the same post then the simplest way to avoid is disable the commenting on that particular photo but turning the commenting off.

To Disable Instagram Comments, follow the steps below:

  1. First you need to open the particular post or you may just have uploaded then it will be easier to find out. As you open the post, you will see the triple dot in the top right corner. That icon is the more option icon.
  2. As you tap on it, a tab will pop up in the screen where you will see some options. From those option, you will see the “Turn off Commenting” option which is the only option you need to tap on.
    Delete Instagram Comments and Disable Comment
  3. This process will not ask you to confirm the step or not. To check is it done or not, you just need to check the “Likes, Comment and Share” icon below the post. If it is done then the comment icon will not be visible.

And later you can turn it on in a same way by following same steps and get the comments start again.

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