How to Follow Hashtags in Instagram

How to Follow Hashtags in Instagram

Instagram is basically the social media app or site. It is totally free to create and account. And it is used for posting images and videos as well. You can use your account privately or publicly both. When you use Instagram for long time you are friendlier to its features. And Instagram comes with a new things time to time.So, this time you get the feature of following the Hashtags in Instagram.

You might know about following people only but this time Instagram has brought a new feature that is to follow a hashtags. Normally hashtags are used by everyone. This works like: if you use one hashtag in one post and same hashtag is used by others in other posts then when you go for the hashtag, you will see many post inside it.To check it, you need to tap on the hashtag.

To follow the hashtags in Instagram, you can follow these steps:

  1. First you will need to unlock your device and open the Instagram app. The app has the pinkish color camera lens icon. You need to find it and tap on it to open the app. as you open the app, you will see the home screen where you will be seeing post by the users you have followed.
  2. If you see a hashtag in someone’s post or on your own post, hen tap on it and the screen will show some posts that uses the particular hashtag. You can even search for the particular hashtag in the search screen.
  3. There in the bottom of the screen, you will see 5 tabs. The second is search tab which you need to tap on that tab to open the search screen. After you open the search screen, you will see a space/ bar where you can type and search.
  4. You will also see the trending photos and videos in the screen which should not be searched. The trending is based on your liked categories which means similar to the liked post that you have done before. In the search space, you can search by typing the hashtag.
  5. You will get the result and you need to enter to that page by taping on it and then you will see the “Follow” button which you need to tap on it and you follow it now.
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From then, you will see the post having the same hashtag in your home screen.

Note : This feature is not available for desktop users and only applicable for Mobile Application.

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