How to get your 2017 best nine Instagram photo collage

How to get your 2017 best nine Instagram photo collage

Instagram is social site and app where you get to upload your photos and videos. Anyone can sign up and anyone can follow anyone. So, you may upload many photos in a year but at the end you would like to see your best photos. If you know your best photos and want to see in a one frame then you can get it as well. And it is known as Best 9 Instagram Photo Collage.

Note: To check this or use this, you need to make sure that your account is not private.

To generate your 2017 Best Nine Instagram Photo Collage, then you can follow these steps:

Instagram photo collage

  1. First of all, open your browser, and open any search engine that you are familiar with. You can also open google because it is the most popular search engine. You can open google by following this In google, you can search for the link by typing best nine photos.
  2. You will get numerous results with link because it is just a third-party site for it. So, you can follow anyone. The one I suggest in this article is overall the easiest one according to me. So, you can follow this link to open the main page.
  3. In that page, you will get ads also. Be sure to see if it add or not before clicking because it consumes too much time. In the same page, you will see a blank space where you need to enter your Instagram ID.
  4. Instagram ID means your Username in your Instagram account. You need to enter your Username carefully and after entering it correctly, you need to click on the “Get” button beside it.
  5. After that some calculation process will take time. You may calm and wait. After results is done, you will see the collage photo where you posted in that year. The nine photo in a one frame- photo collage is all depends upon the likes that had gained.
  6. Most and top 9 liked photos are only on the collage so the one you think is the best one might not be. It all depends upon like. Then below the photo, you will get three types of share button. Sharing on the Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

You can download the photo and share in other sites as well. There are other many photo sharing apps and sites.

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