How To Get Year In A Review?

There are plenty of reasons to use Instagram. We use it to talk about image issues, announce happy news. We use it to post selfies. All to these reasons and more garner likes upon likes, and you may have wondered in the past exactly which of your post were the most popular. That’s why they have a generator that allows you to see which of your Instagram posts your friends, family, and online fans liked the most. Read further below to learn how to get year in a review (best nine) for Instagram.

The year has almost reached its end. We’re in the final stretch and countdown has begun to the new year. But before you sign off for the year Instagram has something special to help you finish off your social calendar with a little bang! Instagram has released their “Year In Review”, and they have a way to review out year with our best nine of the year.

You’ve likely seen other people in your internet feeds posting composites of nine photos and using the hashtags #bestning, #2017bestnine, or some other similar phrase. No matter how often or rarely you posted over the past year, the 2017 best nine generators can figure out which of your posts were the most popular.

Steps on how to get Year in a Review are as follows:

Well, it’s pretty simple.

  1. First, you have to go to the particular website which will help you to generate your best nine photo.
  2. For generating sites there’s some sites that helps you to generate your best nine photos, some of them are:
    • TOP NINE
  3. You’ll see a search bar that prompts you to plug in an Instagram ID. Then all you have to do is press “GET” and wait for your best nine to show up.Also Read: How to Edit Instagram Profile
  4. When users plug in their Instagram username, they’ll see a notice that says the site is generating the collage. They should note “it takes like 10 minutes to complete your request due to huge demand.

    How To Get Year In A Review?

    Instagram Year In Review

  5. Your request is already on our queue, so please come back later.” However, the creation of the Instagram Best 9 review doesn’t always take up to 10 minutes. After the collage is created, the site displays it on the screen.
  6. There are two options for the generated Instagram Best 9 photo, an “original version” and a “Photo only” option.
  7. The original version shows users the collage and on the bottom it has the person’s username, number of posts that were upload to Instagram in 2017 and how many likes were received this year.
  8. The photo only version takes off all the extra information on the bottom of the collage. Users can pick which version they want or can save both as JPEG through the regular “Save Image as” process.

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