How to Repost Old Story on Instagram

Social media feeds have always been busy including various photos, videos ,text from friends and brand updates you follow. Instagram also fascinates us by letting us post stories and various posts  at a time. It lets the user’s interaction with various brand posts and updates more easily compared to that of Facebook and Twitter. You will learn how to repost old story on Instagram from the steps that follows.

Instagram stories are simple yet interesting feature that allows users to create a sequence of photos and videos. These stories disappear 24 hours after being posted. The motive of this stories is to provide an engaging and interesting content to the followers. Instagram is the tremendous way to stay connected with the celebrities lifestyles, brand updates around the world. One can directly message on the stories they want to ping. These days the Instagram stories can be even posted on the Facebook directly.

Steps to Repost Old Story

Story posting has been basic for Instagram users these days to stay connected with the followers around the world. Sometimes the user may want to post the old story again. However re-posting an old story on Instagram requires  some basic steps which are as follows:

  • One should go on their Instagram profile firstly by clicking the home icon.
  • You can see clock icon on the right top side of the profile of the users on their profile page.
  • The stories that has been set before can be loaded as stories archive on the page where you can see the list of stories posted previously before.
  • The user can then choose the story of their choice and re-post the same story again by selecting the photo or video they want to share again.
  • You can finally re-post same story.

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Another way of republishing the stories is keeping the highlights of stories user want to re-post. Highlights are basically a story that doesn’t expire after 24 hours. This feature puts stories permanently right there on your profile until you manually delete them. Highlights are collections of your past stories that show up in a new horizontal bar across the top of your profile. Hence, these are the steps on how to repost old story on Instagram.


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