Instagram Adds Support for Hashtags & Profile Links in Bios

Instagram Adds Support for Hashtags & Profile Links in Bios

Instagram has recently announced a new feature on Instagram where people use hashtags and tag people in their bio description. Previously, the texts that were entered into the bio would show up as just a plain text. However, the new update of Instagram has added the feature Instagram Adds Support. Similar to the comment section, caption or stories, you can now use # to use trending hashtags and @ to tag people. Now, you don’t have to keep the links to people’s account using the full link with You can simply tag the person using “@” and the person’s username.

”In December, Instagram introduced the ability to follow hashtags, giving you new ways to stay connected with the interests, hobbies, passions, and communities you care about. With hashtag and profile links in your bio, you can express yourself and your interests right in your profile. Whether you’re a #guitarlover, into #pencilsketching or have a #makeuptutorial account, now you can link to any hashtag or profile you want.”

Also, similar to the Instagram stories, comments, and captions, when you tag a person in your bio, the person will get a notification about it. This makes helps the business pages a lot. One can now put the link to their business account in their bio and vice versa. You can also use the proper, relevant and trending hashtags can help people understand the scope of your business as well. Though website links have still not be able in the bio, you can still keep one link by putting the link in the website section during editing your bio. Though this new feature is looking very appealing and useful, its usefulness will only become sure when the feature is being used by everyone. As the feature is new, it has not been used by many, therefore no accurate results have been seen.

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