Top 5 Perfect Instagram Caption Ideas

Top 5 Perfect Instagram Caption Ideas

Caption means adding some text below the image or above the image which is related to the image. It can posted along with image. While Instagram is photo sharing app and site, it also allows to write a caption with each photo to describe easily before you upload your pictures and videos.There are some proper ways and ideas to write a perfect Instagram caption ideas to standout among the mass. Captions can be up to 2,200 characters in length, include emoji, and up to 30 hashtags.

5 Perfect Instagram Caption Ideas

  • Think About Audience/Followers:

Here while writing the caption, you should know your audience and get them with your caption. The reference you made with the caption should be understandable by the audience. The audience can be old and young both so be suitable with your captions. Then emoji should be used in a proper way. The context should be short and sweet while others will not read long captions.

Instagram caption ideas

  • Emoji:

Use of emoji in the right place. If you use your emoji where you don’t even needed then your post may not get likes. So, you should use it very subtly in perspective area like at the end of the caption or questions.

  • Length of the caption:

As it mentioned in above point, the caption should not be long probably, it should be short and sweet. The audiences who will see your caption and photo should not be bored with your long caption and skip the caption. This may lead to misunderstand of the photo.

  • Hashtags:

You should mention the hashtag related to the post and photo. It is recommended that you should not mention useless hashtags and too many. Mostly hashtags are used at the end of the caption. Hashtags can also give meaning to your post.

  • Ask Questions:

To gain comments on your post, you should be able to ask question formally so that audience can answer you in a comment box. Simply, ask yes or no question. These questions can take attention of those viewers to answer you.

There are many several other tips and ideas to make your Instagram caption perfect. You just need to know it smoothly and use of it.

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