Top 10 Instagram hidden features you might not know

Top 10 Instagram hidden features you might not know

Instagram is a social media which allows a user to post their photos and videos. Here any one can join for free and use the same account until deactivated. While you use Instagram, you can do such things that many people will not know and Instagram has also not told you.Let’s check for the top 10 Instagram hidden features that you might not know:

Instagram Hidden Features :

  1. Disable Comment:

Disabling comment is the new feature that Instagram users might not know. When you disable comment for a post then you will not get any comments because the comment button/icon will be remove from the particular post. This is useful when you are busy and can’t reply your followers.

  1. Delete any comment on your post:

When you receive a comment in your post that is very inappropriate or vulgar or offensive then you can delete that comment without notifying that person.It is easy to delete comments that you get in your post.

  1. Save Posts of others privately:

You might not know that you can actually save a post privately of someone else. And they will not be notified about it.It is fully secret. You will see the bookmark icon on the every posts which is the save icon. It will be saved to your Instagram profile without viewing others.

  1. Notification for Some people:

You can enable a notification of some people that you want to see instantly when they post. You will be notified when the particular favorite person post anything on Instagram.

  1. See all photos you have liked:

You may be shocked that to know this but you can view the posts that you have liked. For that you need to go for the settings screen from the profile page.Inside settings and under Account section, you will see the “Posts You’ve Liked” option. Inside that, you can see the post that you have liked.

  1. See posts that your friends have liked:

You can see posts that your friends have like as well.Not each and every photo but you can see some posts that they have like. For that you need to go for the notification screen and thenswipe from right to left and check the following tabs where you can see who have liked what posts.

  1. Managing Filters:

You can hide the filters that you don’t use. You might notice the gear-like icon at last in the filters bar when posting a post. You need to tap on that and then get hidden those filters which you don’t use.

  1. Adjust Filter Intensity:

When you add a filter in a post, you will be wanting to low or high the intensity then you can actually do that. Tap the same filter twice and then a bar will show up and then you can adjust there in your own want.

  1. Clear Search History:

When you search a lot in your Instagram profile, you might not know that the search tags takes spaces like cache. You can clear the search you have made till now for that you need to go forthe setting form profile and scrolling to the bottom of settings, you will get the “Clear Search History” button.

  1. Zoom a Photo:

When you see a photo, you would want to zoom the photos to check the detail of the photos clearly. So, you need to tap the photo with a pinch (Two Finger) and then expand it like you zoom the photo of the gallery. This will zoom but it will zoom until you touch the screen.

There might be other Instagram hidden features that you know or you might not know. When you use it many times then you will know it soon.

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