How to go Instagram Live on PC or Laptop

How to go Instagram Live on PC or Laptop

Instagram is a poplar social media which allows a user to share photos or video publically or privately to the chosen peoples.Instagram Live is one of the feature that is only applicable in Instagram mobile apps. But if you want to go live form PC or Laptop then you can do with an android emulator for PC. For best, you can have BlueStacks: one of the popular emulator.the steps for Instagram Live from PC or Laptop are mentioned below.

To go Instagram Live from PC or Laptop using emulator, you can follow these steps:

  1. So, you should have the emulator first. To install emulator, you can download it from the BlueStacks, you can search on the google or any other search engine.
  2. Or you can follow this link to open the page where you will get the download button. In that page, you need to click on the “Download Instagram on PC” button to start downloading.
    Instagram Live from PC or Laptop
  3. Before it starts download, a page will open where you will see some instructions. The file will automatically download. After finish downloading, you need to click on the file to install it. After you click, you need to continue forward and then your installation will be complete.
  4. Note that your installation will be for the BlueStacks app where you can use your Instagram app as it on Mobile app. inside there, you just need to find the Instagram icon and open it. Then you will be able to use your Instagram Account.By signing in.
  5. Signing in is all same. After signing in your account, you will see the camera icon in top left corner of the screen like mobile app. the process is all same like using mobile app because emulator works as a mobile device for pc to run mobile apps.
  6. So, you will get in to the camera and you will see some text in the bottom of the screen.There you will see the “Live” text also. You need to click on it and then you can start live video by pressing on the start button.

This how you go live form PC. But you might wonder that there is an Instagram app for the PC. Though it is available, the feature going live is not given to you in pc app. same with the website. That’s why you need emulator which runs apps like Android.These are the steps you can take for Instagram Live from PC or Laptop.

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