Instagram Advance Scheduling Feature

Instagram Advance Scheduling Feature

Instagram is a popular online social media which is available in both mobile phone apps and desktop browser site. There are more features in mobile app than the website. Instagram gets updated time to time but Instagram has mentioned that they get messages form customers about the Instagram Scheduling Feature for post to be added in app.

By looking to that response, Instagram had introduced this new feature which is more advance and it is scheduling feature.You might have used the scheduling feature before in Instagram from other sites like Hootsuite. But now you don’t need to use that Hootsuite site for scheduling your post in Instagram and other social media accounts.

Instagram has specially connected with another tooland that is Instagram Graph API. If you use this site, then you can allow multiple team members of one account to manage large volumes of content even with the multiple Instagram accounts. While you are using a business profile in Instagram, and you are interested in scheduling then you can ask to work with Facebook Marketing Partner or Instagram Marketing Partner.

Instagram said that, this might not be the perfect solution but hopefully it is the start of something good that will be updated in a good wide range later. Scheduling posts natively inside the Instagram app would be the most reachable solution, so for that there are many other free apps like Buffer that has capability to schedule posts.

It seems that Instagram is giving this feature for business and enterprise clients only. Another business profiles can also be viewed using this tool. Developers using the old Instagram API will need to move to the Instagram Graph API in order to work with these different features. Instagram will finish support for the Instagram API tool, so that developers have plenty of time to move.

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