Instagram Story Video Length, Dimensions and Format

Instagram Story Video Length, Dimensions and Format | Instagram Story Format

Instagram is a social media that helps a person to create account freely and allows to post and upload photos and videos. Instagram gets updated time to time with new features. And Instagram Story is one of the feature that has been derived from the social media Snapchat. Instagram Story can be used to share some short videos also. The video will be needed to be of Instagram Story Format and sizes.

Instagram video’s length should be of upto 60 second or less than that. As it was for the normal posts or upload. But if you go for the Instagram Story to post a short video then you only have the 15 seconds to record or that length video to post in Instagram story.

Instagram will obviously use the image or video dimension as you will get to post. Videos of  Instagram Story Format dimension is 1080 * 1920 pixel. And the ratio will be of 9:16 that is width to height on vertical position of the photo or video.

Similarly, when it comes to format, Instagram approves different variety of formats. But the most recommended one is “.mp4” or “H.264 codec” format for videos. Some of the details are different for the main (normal) and Story nut some are same. You just need to know which should be better to upload in the particular area.

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