Instagram Story Screenshot Notification

Instagram Story Screenshot Notification

Instagram is a popular social media which allows person to share photos and videos publicly or privately with selected people. Instagram has many features in Instagram app. One of the feature is that you can post a moment as a story that will disappear in 24 hours. This feature came very early but with an update with this feature has come. Now you can know Instagram Story Screenshot Notification, if any one screenshots your stories.

The update is now you will be notified if someone has screen shot your story or recorded it. And if you screenshot someone’s story then that person will be notified with full details of yours form Instagram. You probably heard this feature earlier because this is the popular feature that Snapchat has from the beginning of the stories.

Some of the Instagram users have already got noticed/ warning about the next time they shoot a screenshot or screen recording of a story, the owner of the story will be notified. Hence some users from the Instagram has tweeted in Twitter that they got noticed and started to share the notice with everyone who are also unaware.

The notification is like, you need to check your own story and check for the list who have viewed your story. If a camera shutter icon is available with the username of the user that make sure that he/she had screenshot your story.

Currently this feature is being tested but net released in Instagram as official. Some of the Instagram users had only got the notice about this new feature. If this test pass in good manner then it will soon be launched officially.

Note: Creators won’t get a specific notification when someone takes a screenshot of their story, it will only show up in their list of story viewers.

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