How to Make Instagram Chronological Order

How to Make Instagram Chronological Order

Instagram is a social site and app that is free to use. A person can create an account freely and later use same account. This account allows the user to upload photos and videos to their followers privately or publicly. It has many features and also gets updated time to time with new features.Instagram has recently published new one called Instagram Chronological Order.

Instagram used to show the newsfeed in chronological order which means you can see the posts accordingly the post have been updated. But in 2016, Instagram decided to change the format of newsfeed by showing the interesting post in upper part as there will not be any time related posts. And Instagram isn’t making any plan to come back in Instagram Chronological Order Feature.

Currently the Algorithm feeds is going on and Instagram isn’t providing any switch or turn off button so that we can use Chronological order. It doesn’t seems to be coming as we want for the Chronological order feeds. They have said it will be slowly enrolled in few moths which they haven’t even promised. So, better not to be dependent on them.

But they did promised to react on the customer’s feedback. So, let them make know that you don’t like the Algorithm feed and want the Instagram Chronological Order back. Complain, as it looks like a problem. Report, as it you don’t like it. Just make them realize that many of the users don’t want algorithm feeds.

However, you can use some Instagram’s third-party web clients or apps and mobile view apps to view the Instagram feed in old reverse Chronological order.

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