How to measure Instagram Analytic

How to measure Instagram Analytic

Instagram Analytic is the third party tools for Instagram to help you plan content and future campaigns and reach your social media goals. It may give you the idea of developing your content in good quality.

You can measure your Instagram Analytics account in five types:

  1. Simply Measured :

    Analytical tool provided by simply measured can used for most of the social media networks including Instagram. This toll provides a wide range of analysis and reports. It is not fully free but not fully paid. Some feature can be used freely and some should be paid to be accessed. You can access to this tools by this link given by Simply Measured.

Instagram Analytic

  1. Iconosquare :

    Iconosquare was also known as Statigram which is quite popular among average social media user and big brands who are wanting to increase their business. It has the high level and in-depth analysis of social media accounts. It gives the detail information from the analysis like: likes and comments. It is not totally free where you need to spend the money to get the best results for your Instagram account. But you will get 14 days trial time from this link to use it.

  1. Locowise :

If your Instagram account has very competitive business then Locowise is the best tool for you to analytics. By term analytics, your profile will be compared with other 2500 profiles of Instagram users. You will see your position among them. It can also be used for the own profile where it gives detail information of analysis. It allows you to compare with other account also where the results come in ratio and average. To go for Locowise, you can take this link to open and use it.

  1. Socialbakers :

Socialbakers is another tool for Instagram analytics where you can analysis about your Instagram profile of photos and videos. You will get free analysis report on your popular Instagram photos, videos, filters and hashtags and even your interaction with the followers. You can get your free report on this link.

  1. Squarelovin :

This is another site where you can get your Instagram account freely analysis and get report. It is the basic tool where you can get time management to post on Instagram. You can access to this tools from this link where you can sign up for the free report analysis.

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