How to Save Instagram Photos on Mobile and PC

Instagram is a social media where we can follow the new friends, we can share our photos on our timeline, we can get as well as make a comment in a photo which has been uploaded and we can tag our friends as well as we can save a post that we liked in our mobile device as well as in computer. We can exchange our ideas, knowledge and have communication with each other on Instagram with the help of its features.

It’s so easy to Save Instagram Photos on Mobile and PC and for that you just need to follow some of the steps to save Instagram photo on i-phone device:

  1. To save a photo you must have a Instagram app in your mobile device and if you don’t have a Instagram app then you need to download and install in it.
  2. After that you need to write your email address and password of it to login the Instagram account. If you don’t have Instagram account you should create it Instagram account at first.
  3. Click in the photo’s below right button automatically it will save your photo which you liked to save it.

The following are the Steps to Save Instagram Photos on computer:

  • You need to open a browser and open Instagram with the help of in browser URL or can use the google search engine to use Instagram account.
  • After that you should login the Instagram account by writing a right email address and password of Instagram account.
  • Now you need choose a photo which you would like to save then in the right click of mouse there you will see many options among them you need to click in the “Save as” option.
  • After that you need to choose a location where you want to save your photo after that you can click in the save button.
  • At last your selected photo is being saved in your computer.

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