How to use search function on Instagram (hashtags, people, and places)

How to use search function on Instagram (hashtags, people, and places)

Instagram is social mostly used in mobile phones and rarely used it desktop or website. Instagram is photo sharing service where it allow to post photos and videos. Instagram was made for mobile phones specially. So the functions we found in Instagram mobile app is not available in website. It is better to use in mobile apps and its functions as well.We will teach you how to properly use search function on Instagram.

To use search function on Instagram from your mobile app, you can follow these steps:

  1. First you need to open your Instagram app on your mobile phone. The Instagram icon has the rainbow color camera. You can tap on the icon to open the Instagram app. after you open you will see your home screen of your account where you can see photos and videos of the following ones.
  2. There in the bottom of the screen, you will see 5 tabs. The second is search tab which you need to tap on that tab to open the search screen. After you open the search screen, you will see a space/ bar where you can type and search.
  3. You will also see the trending photos and videos in the screen which should not be searched. The trending is based on your liked categories which means similar to the liked post that you have done before. In the search space, you can search people by typing username on their Instagram.
    search function on Instagram search button
  4. But after you tap in the search tab, another 4 tab will appear: Top, People, Tags and Places. If you want to search the trending photos or videos or people then you can search on the “top” tab. Otherwise you can search in the particular tab for refine result.
    search function on Instagram search tab
  5. You can search peoples in “People” tab to see the results of people only and see the recent searches also. Similarly you can search tags in the “Tags” tab where you can search with hashtag ‘#’ or without it. Tags are specially used to search posts that you want to search.
  6. In the “Place” tab, you need to search for the locations. There you need to turn on the location of your device first. Then only you can search. The suggested and recent searches are shown. You can choose from them.

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