How to Set up Instagram 2 Step Verification

How to Set up Instagram 2 Step Verification

2-step authentication is a process that involves two verification process to login your account in any device after turned on. By setting this, you will not be able to login your account only with your password. But you should register a number where the author can send a code to get logged in. this is most effective way to secure your account login.Here, Instagram has given you this feature by Two-Factor Authentication but it is little bit different.Instagram 2 step verification means your account is more secured. Whenever some stranger device is trying to log in to your Instagram account, they will send a security code in your mobile phone as SMS.

To set up the Instagram 2 Step Verification, you can follow these steps:

  1. First you need to open your Instagram app in your mobile phone. The app has pinkish rainbow type color camera lens icon, you need to find and tap to open. After you open the app, you will see the home page of your account where you will see others post first.
  2. From the bottom of the screen, you will see different tabs where you get profile tab at the right corner at end. You need to tap that tab to open the profile. In that screen you will see your profile but you need to see the three dotes icon on the top right corner.
    Instagram 2 step verification
  3. You just need to tap on that three dot icon which is more option. The screen will appear the settings and other function where you need to scroll down a little and will be visible of “Two-Factor Authentication” text under “Account”
  4. You need to tap on that text and the require security code text will appear with the turn on and off sign. In default it will be off, so you need to slide it to turn on by taping on it. Then, confirm tab will pop up where you need to tap on the “Turn On” button.
  5. If you haven’t add phone number yet, then you will be asked to add number. Choose the country code and enter your current cellphone number.
    Instagram 2 step verification verify phone number
  6. There you will get to set the 6-digit pin code as the security code for Two-Factor Authentication which you have received as SMS in your phone number. And after confirm with it, you can go from the virtual keypad or tap on the top right corner’s arrow icon.
    Instagram 2 step verification number
  7. You will also get the backup code in case you aren’t receiving code by SMS. They will ask you to screenshot the backup code for the later purpose. The backup code is of 8-digit. Then after going back, and try to re-login if the function has worked or not.

Whenever anyone try to login, the SMS with the code will be sent to your mobile phone number that you have registered. After you enter the code you will be able to login. You can later turn it off with same steps and turning it off in the button.

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  1. Eka Anre Sangsya

    Excuse me, If I didn’t receive 6 digit security code from SMS, can I use backup code as security code?
    backup code is 8 digit.


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