How to start Instagram Live Video

How to start Instagram Live Video

Instagram is the social media where user is allowed to post photos and videos. Instagram is all about being updated. So, Instagram had added a feature of going live from the moment and adding photos for 24 hours. The live video is also last for only 24 hours. Though Instagram can be used from both hand devices and website. But using website for Instagram doesn’t allow users to post photos and videos, so, it is obvious that going Live Video is from Mobile phones.Get details on how ti Start Instagram Live Video below.

To start Instagram live video, you will need to install your Instagram mobile app and open it. You can follow these steps:

  1. You need to download and install the Instagram app properly in your mobile phone. You will need to open the app on your mobile phone. The app has the icon of a rainbow color camera lens. After you open the app you will see the home screen of your Instagram account.
  2. In the home screen, you will see a camera icon again on the top left corner of the screen. You need to tap on that and your mobile phone’s camera will open. You need to access your camera to be used by Instagram, if it is first time.
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  3. There on the bottom of the screen, you will see the options of that camera. You can upload Normal, Boomerang, Rewind, Hands-free camera for short videos and live video. To go live you need to swipe that options to text “live” by swiping form left to right. You can even touch on the text.
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  4. You will see some text and a button above the live text. The button “Start Live Video” is what you need to tap on to start. You can swap your camera by taping on the icon right to the button.
  5. After you tap on the button, it will check for your connection is strong or not. After checking the video will be live in count down of 3. You can even swap the camera in the middle of the live video.
  6. To end you need to tap on text “End” on top right corner. Then it will ask to share that video for 24 hour or to discard. By sharing, the other users who weren’t available when you are live can see them later but for under 24 hours.
  7. You can also start another live videos from same place for next time. You can delete the video from the 24 hour stories before being 24 hours.

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