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Best Times to Post on Instagram

Instagram is an online social media where you can upload pic of yours, follow the one whom you know or want too, you can use filters in your photos as well. Instagram is connected with the Facebook, twitter and tumbler. You can use Instagram on desktop as well as on mobile with different platform like iOS, Android, Windows etc. The best time to post is in the evening time because most of us get free in the evening to the late nights and during that period of time most of us use social networks in order to get connected with our friends, family and relatives. There are many people, who will be active on Instagram at various period of a time, and it varies their time zones according to their country and it is important to search for your individual best time in order to post on Instagram.

When we talk about the Best Times to Post on Instagram it is also important to think about the time zones of your Instagram followers as well as one of the best things is that you can do in order to find your optimal posting time for Instagram by making a research for the people who are using Instagram. You can use a native analytics which is being located at your Instagram app for getting an access to this feature you will need to set up an Instagram business profile too.

Instagram Insights helps to give a marketer everything that they could ask for like you can see where your followers are located along with their gender, their age and most importantly, when they are most active on Instagram as well as you can also view your followers’ locations as by country or city so that you know which time zones is the best time to post on your Instagram account. You should be posting in to reach the majority of your followers. Insights helps you to make it is easy for you to find the Best Times to Post on Instagram because it helps you to show most popular days as well as times when your followers will be using an Instagram.

You can also feel or measure when you get a more like and comments and by experimenting it you can measure your progress too.