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What Is Instagram Highlights? How To Use It?

In order to make custom Instagram Highlights covers, we’ll need access to any free graphic design platform. For the best result we can use Canva.

In the app following steps should be taken for the Instagram Highlights:

Instagram Highlights

Image: Brett Robson

  • First we should click “Create a design” in the upper-left.
  • Then we have to scroll down to “Social Media & Email Headers,” and then we have to click on “as per our need” It’s worth noting here that we can use any size of picture. Its dimensions will change after we have uploaded it as a story, and again after we can select this header as our custom Instagram Highlights cover.
  • After that we have to choose “ELEMENTS” which is in the toolbar.
  • Then we have to click on “Icons”. In it we will be presented with more icons then we will ever need. And also we can search for specific icons which is in the search bar at the top. There we’ll get a mix of free, paid, and premium to choose from.
  • After we choose the icon that we want as our custom Instagram Highlights cover, we have just choose a background color as per our need from the many choices, and we should click “Download.” In it we have to make sure the icon isn’t so large that parts of it will be lost during Instagram’s circular cropping.
  • Then we have to send it to our phone and we should go back to Instagram, and we have to post it as a new story. To do that, we should just go to our home feed and swipe left. When we’ve chosen the photo we want to use as our icon, be sure to pinch the screen to zoom out as much as you can. This will ensure that parts of our icon which aren’t cropped off when we use it as your cover.
  • Then we’ll need to add this image to the Highlight so it becomes eligible as a custom Highlight cover. To do that, from our profile, we should just tap and hold on the Highlight which we want to customize and choose “Edit.” Then after that we’ll land on a screen in which we’ll see the option to choose which stories are in or out. If we swipe right, we’ll see our story archive. Then we have to slide over and then select our icon if it is not selected already. Here we’ll want your custom Instagram Highlights cover story at the end so people don’t actually miss the highlights.
  • At last we have to swipe back to the “Highlighted” tab. In doing so, we have to see that the story with our icon is included at the end and we have to tap “Edit Cover” and should choose our icon using the slider on the bottom. Then we can pinch and drag to zoom and position the icon before we finalize the cover. When we’re finished, we should just tap “Done.”