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How to Download Instagram APK for PC

How to Download Instagram APK for PC – Install Instagram on PC

Instagram is a social media through which we can create or follow the new friends, we can share your photos on our timeline, we can get as well as make a comment in a photo which has been uploaded and we can tag our friends. We can exchange our ideas, knowledge and have communication with each other. This article is about the steps to Download Instagram APK for PC.

Download Instagram APK for PC

The following are the steps in order to Download Instagram APK for pc:

  • At first you need to open your pc and then go to the browser and with the help of google search engine you can simply search for the download Bluestacks and then you can get so many links which is related with it.
  • Or simply you can go to this https://bluestacks-app-player.en.softonic.com link in order to download a bluestacks.
  • After that you will see a “Free Download” with green color background with a button click over there for the further processing.
  • For downloading the app in your pc you can sign in with Facebook or sign in with Google account.
  • Here you need to write your Email address as well as Password after downloading the app you need to go to downloads in a settings of a browser.
  • Now you need to click in “show in folder” to see in which place your downloaded files is located and click the right button of mouse and go to open after that you need to run the file.
  • In the step, you need to click “Next” button. By clicking Next button, you accept the terms in the license agreement. In which location you are going to browse your downloaded file select it and click in the next button.
    Watch This Video Tutorial on “How To Use Instagram From BlueStacks | Instagram Emulator Login”:
  • At last click in “Install” button and finally it is installed.
  • Click in the finish button and start to use bluestacks.
  • Now you can use a bluestacks by opening it either you can click right of your mouse and choose open option or you can double tap the bluestacks icon.
  • After that now you need to sign-up for Google play store account
  • Now in the search panel you need to look for an Instagram app and then download it and install Instagram app as well as you need to mount it.
  • After that you need to open the set up app sign-up for a new Instagram account.
  • You can post it on Instagram wall surface if you are logged in. Post a video clips as well as some of your favorite pictures.
  • Now you can look for your favorite photos, videos as well as you can follow them to get brand-new updates from them when they post brand-new images as well as videos of there.

How to Download and Install Instagram on PC

How to Download and Install Instagram on PC

Instagram is the social media where users are allowed to post photo and videos. It is very popular for the mobile phone apps. Though it is originally made for the mobile phones but it can be used in PC website and available download as PC apps as well. But to Download and Install Instagram on PC it can’t be direct so, you need to download an emulator first. I will go with the BlueStacks emulator because it is the most popular and got good reviews.Here are the steps to Download and Install Instagram on PC.

To Download and Install Instagram on PC, make sure BlueStacks is already installed in your device. You can follow these steps to download BlueStacks in your PC:

  1. First open the browser of your computer. There you need to open search engine that is familiar to you. You can open google, because it is the most popular search engine. In google, you can search for the BlueStacks download.
  2. You will get numerous results with link which can make you confuse. So, you can follow this https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html link to open the download page. If you have the IDM in your PC then a box will appear where you just need to browse the area to download the installation file.
    Download and Install Instagram on PC
  3. After browsing area, you need to start downloading and after that downloading, you need to install the file. The installation file can be found in the place you have browse. In default, it will be downloaded in C Drive. You just need to install with the process.
  4. After installation completes, you need to sign in ass well from your Google Play account which is google account.

Watch This Video Tutorial on “How To Use Instagram From BlueStacks | Instagram Emulator Login”:

After the Blue Stacks installs, you need to follow these steps to download the Instagram App for the PC:

  1. Make sure you have completely installed the BlueStacks and after that you need to go for this https://www.bluestacks.com/apps/social/instagram-on-pc.html#gref link which can be found on google. Or you can easily follow this link.
  2. As you enter the page, you will see the “Download” button. You just need to click on the button. After that the download starts. Or you can search for the Instagram inside the BlueStacks as well. It will be the fine result.
  3. The search button will be in front. The Instagram will be searched in Google Play Store app of BlueStacks. After installation, you can open the app and start login.
  4. You can create an account if needed otherwise sign in. the screen will be same like mobile app and the features will also be the same. if your device is used by others then you shall sign out while your finish using.

So, you need to download the BlueStacks emulator first or download another emulator or use whatever emulator you have. After that only, you can download the Instagram app.