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Instagram vs Facebook

Instagram vs Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social Medias in the present situation. When it comes to choosing between these two people often gets confused.Here we have tried to compare Instagram vs Facebook.

The similarities of Instagram vs Facebook are as follows:

  • These both social media sites are used for same purpose and that is to connect with friends and family as well as in order to know about the social life and many more that can be expressed to medium of internet.
  • These days most of the people use Facebook and instagram as social networking service which makes them connected with their relatives and friends. But in terms of Instagram most people use it as a news networking service.
  • These both are the means of communicating with the people you want to have conversation with.
  • You can use instagram account and facebook account both in web as well as in your mobile. If you want to use in mobile then simply you need to download the app of it.

The difference between Instagram vs Facebook account are as follows:

  • Facebook is very easy to use and you can post as much status as you can as people are using facebook from long period of time so they feel easy to use facebook rather instagram.
  • Instagram has different affects in the photo rather than facebook has.
  • Instagram helps to connect with celebrities and well known person with a simple mention with a username whereas Facebook finds difficulties to connect with celebrities and normal people.
  • When you upload a pic in instagram account you can share that pic in yours facebook timeline if facebook and instagram account is linked with each other but when you upload a pic in facebook account you cannot share that pic in yours instagram even if facebook and instagram account is linked with each other.
  • In facebook you can write a status but in instagram account you cannot write a status but you can just upload a pic.
  • Facebook was the first discovered social media where instagram came later on.
  • You need to follow in instagram account in order to be friends where as in facebook you need to send a friend request.