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How to go Instagram Live on PC or Laptop

Instagram is a poplar social media which allows a user to share photos or video publically or privately to the chosen peoples.Instagram Live is one of the feature that is only applicable in Instagram mobile apps. But if you want to go live form PC or Laptop then you can do with an android emulator for PC. For best, you can have BlueStacks: one of the popular emulator.

To go Instagram Live from PC or Laptop using emulator, you can follow these steps:

  1. So, you should have the emulator first. To install emulator, you can download it from the BlueStacks, you can search on the google or any other search engine.
  2. Or you can follow this https://www.bluestacks.com/apps/social/instagram-on-pc.html#gref link to open the page where you will get the download button. In that page, you need to click on the “Download Instagram on PC” button to start downloading.
    Instagram Live from PC or Laptop
  3. Before it starts download, a page will open where you will see some instructions. The file will automatically download. After finish downloading, you need to click on the file to install it. After you click, you need to continue forward and then your installation will be complete.
  4. Note that your installation will be for the BlueStacks app where you can use your Instagram app as it on Mobile app. inside there, you just need to find the Instagram icon and open it. Then you will be able to use your Instagram Account.By signing in.
  5. Signing in is all same. After signing in your account, you will see the camera icon in top left corner of the screen like mobile app. the process is all same like using mobile app because emulator works as a mobile device for pc to run mobile apps.
  6. So, you will get in to the camera and you will see some text in the bottom of the screen.There you will see the “Live” text also. You need to click on it and then you can start live video by pressing on the start button.

This how you go live form PC. But you might wonder that there is anInstagram app for the PC. Though it is available, the feature going live is not given to you in pc app. same with the website. That’s why you need emulator which runs apps like Android.

Instagram Story Screenshot Notification

Instagram is a popular social media which allows person to share photos and videos publicly or privately with selected people. Instagram has many features in Instagram app. One of the feature is that you can post a moment as a story that will disappear in 24 hours. This feature came very early but with an update with this feature has come. Now you can know Instagram Story Screenshot Notification, if any one screenshots your stories.

The update is now you will be notified if someone has screen shot your story or recorded it. And if you screenshot someone’s story then that person will be notified with full details of yours form Instagram. You probably heard this feature earlier because this is the popular feature that Snapchat has from the beginning of the stories.

Some of the Instagram users have already got noticed/ warning about the next time they shoot a screenshot or screen recording of a story, the owner of the story will be notified. Hence some users from the Instagram has tweeted in Twitter that they got noticed and started to share the notice with everyone who are also unaware.

The notification is like, you need to check your own story and check for the list who have viewed your story. If a camera shutter icon is available with the username of the user that make sure that he/she had screenshot your story.

Currently this feature is being tested but net released in Instagram as official. Some of the Instagram users had only got the notice about this new feature. If this test pass in good manner then it will soon be launched officially.

Note: Creators won’t get a specific notification when someone takes a screenshot of their story, it will only show up in their list of story viewers.

What is Instagram stories archive and how to use it ?

Instagram is basically the social media app or site. It is totally free to create and account. And it is used for posting images and videos as well. You can use your account privately or publicly both. You will get many features in this Instagram while you use with your Instagram app. So, Archive is one of the feature that Instagram gives to every profile holder. Archive is actually used to hide photos publicly but not deleting it permanently. So, you might hear about the archiving the post from the Instagram story.

So, this feature is very new from the Instagram that allow s your Instagram story to be saved in the archive folder of Instagram itself. To use it, you don’t need to do anything with your story but you will need to check if this feature is turned on or not.

To turn on the Instagram stories archive, you can follow these steps:

  1. First you will need to unlock your device and open the Instagram app. The app has the pinkish color camera lens icon. You need to find it and tap on it to open the app. as you open the app, you will see the home screen where you will be seeing post by the users you have followed.
  2. In the screen, you will see the navigation bar at bottom where the last icon in the right side is the profile icon. You need to tap on it and then you will see your profile in the screen.
  3. From the profile screen, you will see the triple dot icon in top of the right corner, which you need to tap on. As you tap it, the settings page will open where you need to search for the “Story Settings” option and tap on it.
  4. Inside “Story Settings” you will see the “Save to Archive” option which is new and it will be turned on in default. If not turned on then you can turn it on by yourself.

So, turning it on was easy and you should also know how it is worked. So, as you upload a story, you should not be deleting the story to be archive. If it disappear automatically after 24 hour then that story will be save tot the archive automatically. This feature helps you in saving time instead of saving the each and every story you have made.

And to check the archived story, you need to see the same folder that is used for the post archive and that will be in the profile screen.

Top 10 Instagram hidden features you might not know

Instagram is a social media which allows a user to post their photos and videos. Here any one can join for free and use the same account until deactivated. While you use Instagram, you can do such things that many people will not know and Instagram has also not told you.Let’s check for the top 10 Instagram hidden features that you might not know:

Instagram Hidden Features :

  1. Disable Comment:

Disabling comment is the new feature that Instagram users might not know. When you disable comment for a post then you will not get any comments because the comment button/icon will be remove from the particular post. This is useful when you are busy and can’t reply your followers.

  1. Delete any comment on your post:

When you receive a comment in your post that is very inappropriate or vulgar or offensive then you can delete that comment without notifying that person.It is easy to delete comments that you get in your post.

  1. Save Posts of others privately:

You might not know that you can actually save a post privately of someone else. And they will not be notified about it.It is fully secret. You will see the bookmark icon on the every posts which is the save icon. It will be saved to your Instagram profile without viewing others.

  1. Notification for Some people:

You can enable a notification of some people that you want to see instantly when they post. You will be notified when the particular favorite person post anything on Instagram.

  1. See all photos you have liked:

You may be shocked that to know this but you can view the posts that you have liked. For that you need to go for the settings screen from the profile page.Inside settings and under Account section, you will see the “Posts You’ve Liked” option. Inside that, you can see the post that you have liked.

  1. See posts that your friends have liked:

You can see posts that your friends have like as well.Not each and every photo but you can see some posts that they have like. For that you need to go for the notification screen and thenswipe from right to left and check the following tabs where you can see who have liked what posts.

  1. Managing Filters:

You can hide the filters that you don’t use. You might notice the gear-like icon at last in the filters bar when posting a post. You need to tap on that and then get hidden those filters which you don’t use.

  1. Adjust Filter Intensity:

When you add a filter in a post, you will be wanting to low or high the intensity then you can actually do that. Tap the same filter twice and then a bar will show up and then you can adjust there in your own want.

  1. Clear Search History:

When you search a lot in your Instagram profile, you might not know that the search tags takes spaces like cache. You can clear the search you have made till now for that you need to go forthe setting form profile and scrolling to the bottom of settings, you will get the “Clear Search History” button.

  1. Zoom a Photo:

When you see a photo, you would want to zoom the photos to check the detail of the photos clearly. So, you need to tap the photo with a pinch (Two Finger) and then expand it like you zoom the photo of the gallery. This will zoom but it will zoom until you touch the screen.

There might be other hidden features that you know or you might not know. When you use it many times then you will know it soon.

How to tag someone in Instagram post and to mention someone in comment ?

First of all, you should know the difference if tag and mention. Tag means including that person name where he/she is available with you in that photo or video or any post you have made. And mention means making your friends know that something is there that you’re mentioned friend should know or he/she is the one to be mentioned. While mentioning it is not necessary to have a role of that person in that post.

Instagram is the place where you are allowed to share photos and videos and also mention your friends in comments and tag them in your posts.

To tag someone in  Instagram post, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First you will need to go with process of the uploading a post. So, you need go for the plus (+) sign in the middle of bottom of the home screen. That will be the navigation bar where you will get other tabs as well. After taping you will see your gallery photos.
  2. You can choose a photo from there or just click a new one and for that, you will Photo and Video options as well.After selecting the picture, or multiple photos, you need to go through the edit process. You can edit the photo in your own as you like it.
  3. Then you will need to tap on the “Next” button in the top right corner of the screen.Then the last step is place where you can add a caption for your photo or add location or share in other social sites as well.In the same screen, you will see the “Tag People” section.
    tag someone in Instagram
  4. That is what you need to tap on and then you can write the username of that person you want to tag in your post.This is the easiest way and if you think this is not happening then you can tag using the “@username” symbol and username in the caption. This will also tag that person but in the mention way.

Tagging was quite easy. If you need to mention some in a comment then, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the comment section of that post that you want to mention someone. As you go for the comment section you can type a comment in there. So, you actually need to do is typing here.
  2. Here, you need to type the username of that person you want to mention in the comment of the particular post. You should start a mention tag with a ‘@’ like “@username”.
    tag someone in Instagram and mention in comment
  3. As you type the ‘@’ and the first letter of the username the suggestion will pop up and you can choose form there instead typing the full username. Then you just need to psot that comment and your friend you mention will get a notification and they will check your comment and post as well.

You can tag or mention anyone form the Instagram which can be your follower or you follow or neither you nor he/she had followed you. But the person you want to tag or mention should have the public profile.