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How to Post Multiple Photos On Instagram At Once

How to Post Multiple Photos On Instagram At Once

Instagram is a social site for sharing photos and videos. One profile can follow any profile. When it comes to photo uploading it’s difficult to upload many photos in one at a time.So, Instagram has given the feature of uploading multiple photos at a time. Instagram use specially made for mobile phones for there is no feature of uploading photos from PC browser.Given below are the procedure by which you can Upload multiple photos on Instagram.

To upload multiple photos on Instagram from mobile app:

  1. You first have to download the app in your device. If you are using iPhone then download from ‘App Store’ or in Android phone download from ‘Play Store’.
  2. After that open the installed app. You have to login in your Instagram account or if you haven’t then you can sign up your account. If you forgot your password then click on ‘Forgot Password’ this will help you to get a new password.
  3. You can login via Facebook account as well as sign up. After your account is signed in, you will see the home page.
  4. To add your photos you need to go to plus (+) sign in the middle of bottom of the screen. There you will see after clicking, gallery photos. You will see Gallery, Photo and Video.
  5. In the gallery tab you will see photos of your gallery. You will see large option, boomerang, and layout and select multiple option. You need to click on that select multiple option.
    Upload multiple photos on Instagram
  6. After clicking on that you will get feature to select multiple photos. You need to select multiple photos that you want to upload. After selection, you need to tap on Next button found on top right corner of the screen.
  7. After that, you can add filter on your photos. Then after you add or not, you can continue next by clicking on next. Then you can add some captions in the photo. Caption means something about the photo.
  8. Then you can tap on share to upload multiple photos on Instagram. You can connect with Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. It will also upload the same photos.

Then after that your photos will be uploaded. You can check on home page or your profile. After signing in from another device remember to sign out before leaving. Other people can use your account and upload inappropriate photos and videos.

If you want to know how to download photos from Instagram, then please follow this link http://instagramlogins.net/download-photos-from-instagram/

How Not To Crop Photos on Instagram

How Not To Crop Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing app over the internet. It has gain its popularity in a short time. Not only photos, you can upload videos also. While uploading a photo or video you will not get chance to upload full photo, you need to crop the photo in square or their recommended size. It is boring to upload cropped photos. So, there is third party app that helps you to Upload full size photo in Instagram as you had taped.

To download the third party app to Upload full size photo in Instagram, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. First you need to open your Google Play Store on Android phone and App Store in Apple Device. There you need to search for Insta Squareor other name if you know it.
    Upload full size photo in Instagram
  2. You need to download any one app and install it properly. After finish installing, you need to open the app and select a photo that you want to upload it in full size.
  3. After choosing photo, you will see that your photo is fully visible but the actually it is square. It may come the background in color or blur the original image and paste the original full photo on it. You need to save that photo in your device and then open Instagram app.
    Upload full size photo in Instagram
  4. Instagram has the camera like icon in rainbow color, you need to tap on that and open the app. You need to upload the photo by going to the middle tab from the bottom of the screen.
  5. From the gallery, you need to choose the photo that you have edited in the square but full photo is visible. Then you just need to upload without any crop and edit. You just need to tap on next button on top right corner of the screen.
  6. You can upload multiple photos at once on Instagram if you want to.
  7. You can add your own caption to the photo and then upload your photo. After upload, you will see that your uploaded photo is fully visible.

This way you do not have to crop photos on Instagram from now on while posting.This is how you can Upload full size photo in Instagram.