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Can you see who views your Instagram? How?

Can you see who views your Instagram? How?

Instagram is a social media app which is also available in websites and this site allows a user to upload photos and video. If you use Instagram and your profile is publicly visible then you might be thinking that do other check on your profile or not. But you should now this that Instagram doesn’t make us know that someone has view our profile. If you are wondering “how can i know who viewed my Instagram” you have come to the right place dude !!

But there are third party apps that can do this work for you. But before that you should know that the third party app is not developed by the original developers of that particular app.If you connect a third part app to your account means you are granting an access to that application with your account but with their permission. These apps may able to use your details if you continue so, it is better to check all the terms and policies they have.

But also if you want to check it who visits your profile then you can see these points:

  1. Who Viewed My Instagram Profile- Third-party app

When it comes to third party app, I have found and app on the Google Play Store named “Who Viewed My Instagram Profile”. This app does works but don’t know that it is genuine or not. You can download the app form the Google Play Store and see the following steps to use it:

  1. As you install that app, you need to open it.The app will have the magnifier glass icon in a pink background. As you open the app, it will ask to accept the “Privacy Policy”. It is always better to read all those terms that is said to be privacy policy.
  2. As you read and be satisfy then only tap on the “Accept” button.And then it will ask you to login with Instagram and the button will be provided. You will need to tap on it and then again you will need to tap on the “OK” button for the warning notice. Please read that notice as well.
  3. Then in next step, you will be asked to login by entering the username and password in the respective blank.So, you need to enter and tap on the “Log in” button.
  4. As you login, the results will be shown. But it is obvious that you can’t view all the profile that had viewed your profile. You can view only 5 profile in default and others you will need to buy.
    who viewed my Instagram

So,those 5 profiles may or may not be real so, we can’t believe in it.There may be other third-party app also like: Insta Report, Social Track and Social Fans.

  1. Check likes from the unknown person

If you think third party apps are useless then you can try seeing the notification of yourself. If someone likes your posts from your profile and that person is not following you neither you follow that person then think that the particular person has visited your profile. It will be easier if that person will like the old photo from your profile. It will be time consuming but the results will b genuine.

There may be other ways to check but make sure it is genuine. And before sign third party apps, please check that is secure or not.

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